Mrs. Balling
Egg Osmosis Lab 11/13/2009
All this week we studied the diffusion of water (aka:osmosis) through a membrane.  As a model of this we used vinegar to dissolve the shell off of two eggs.  We then found that although the shell dissolved off of the eggs the eggs gained mass which indices that water entered the egg through the chorion.  We then placed one egg in corn syrup and the other in distilled water. The egg in corn syrup was in a hypertonic solution so water diffused out of the egg so it got smaller and lost mass; the egg in distilled water was in a hypotonic solution so water diffused into the cell, got larger and gained mass.

Garbage Lab 10/14/2009
Today we learned about all of the garbage that we produce and where that waste goes and how it affects other living organisms.  These were the different stations that we went to and the videos we watched.  We then went to the Smartboard and did a quizlet for review and then answered questions on a survey at station N.  It was a paperless lab.