Mrs. Balling
Baby Kangaroos 10/27/2009
This week we continued our discussions about reproduction and development.  We studied the development process in placental mammals and then studied marsupials.  many students were amazed with the process in kangaroos and insisted on watching this video a second time.  Boy, we were so lucky that we were able to stay in the uterus when we were little embryos.
Well, it's spirit week and we no longer have a wild plant area in the school yard.  It has been replaced by a smoldering pit of wood scraps left by last night's Bonfire.  Bonus for us....we get to see "Succession" in action.  Stay posted to find out more...

Garbage Lab 10/14/2009
Today we learned about all of the garbage that we produce and where that waste goes and how it affects other living organisms.  These were the different stations that we went to and the videos we watched.  We then went to the Smartboard and did a quizlet for review and then answered questions on a survey at station N.  It was a paperless lab.